Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas presents

Ruth has really enjoyed making Christmas presents for her sisters this year. First we made the teddy "bean bag" for Hannah. Ruth was given one of these for her birthday and so we used that as the idea for Hannah's. I did not get photo through the process but Ruth really enjoyed sitting on my lap and doing the sewing. We sewed all the pieces on with the machine and she would sit and push the button to make the needle go up and down and also lift the foot when we needed to shift the material. We had so much fun with it.
We decided to go for a cat for Rachel (who loves cats). So I found a pattern on line and Ruth cut that out. I transferred the lines onto the material and then Ruth helped me sew the picture onto the material.
We sewed the two pieces together (the wrong way around) and then Ruth turned it the right way around (hiding all the stitching inside).
Fill with wheat and stitch closed.
Rachel and Hannah were thrilled with their presents.

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