Monday, January 10, 2011

Math fun

December 23 - counting the blocks and circling the number
Ruth has been flying through the Math-U-See work and is having so much fun.
January 3 - counting and writing the number
I was encouraged when on the intro it was said that it's not important for the children to write the numbers if they are young or it's too hard for them. Their writing ability should not get in the way of their enjoyment of the math concepts that this year introduces. It's all about having fun and seeing different things. So I did not expect Ruth would be writing the numbers but she surprised me and with the help of her puzzle got started on writing.
January 6
Then she got introduced to Decimal Street and started reading bigger numbers. Her writing of the numbers in improving all the time. I now have a bookmark for her which has the numbers written clearly as I want her to write them (with a red dot in the spot where she needs to start). This has helped her so much and she continues to have so much fun.
January 10
I could not believe that reading numbers in the hundreds was going to be introduced. Ruth has taken it in her stride and is doing so well.

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