Friday, January 28, 2011

Magic World Builder

Ruth has been playing computer games for a bit after lunch this week while I have a nap. We have a couple of games that are fully loaded onto the computer (the disk is not needed to play) and so she can get any of those started and change as she likes. Today when I came up she had been playing around on the "101 Kid's Brainy games" and was in the 8-12 year old section. She found this "Magic World Builder" and got to follow the blueprint to complete this playground (as it gets harder you have to add more pieces and start turning the pieces around to fit properly). What makes this extra tricky is the fact that it's 3D and you can move up and down and around to see all the sides of your building. She has quickly learned some of the different things she can do with the mouse (like zooming in and out) and I think she is going to have loads of fun on this.

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