Thursday, December 23, 2010

Math-U-See started

Ruth was so very excited about the copy of Math-U-See Primer that we picked up yesterday. She wanted to get started straight away. Eventually I had to say "enough for today". It's a introductory level so the children don't need to "master" each lesson as they do in the other years. This year it's just about exposing them to the math concepts. In the introductory lesson he even says that for some children they are not able to write well enough - and that's ok - you as a parent can just have them dictate to you and you write for them.
It's all about allowing children who are interested to have fun with math and start that journey of loving math. So although I would never have thought Ruth would start this before she was 5 (having never seen the Primer level before), I do know that she is ready for it and is going to have such a fun time. Already she wanted to show Dad what she could do and she was very excited about telling him that when it's 1, 2, 3 or 4 she can just know straight away how many - that she does not even need to count - she just sees how many there are.

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