Friday, August 6, 2010

Not just puzzles

Ruth has been wanting new and more challenging computer games so I got her started on Rachel's Jumpstart Grade 1. She did a couple of the things in the main game but then I remembered the Music cd. I registered her as a pre-schooler when I set it up. She sat and played and played until she had finished the entire game. I will have to set her up as a kindergarten student next time.
It's a great game that teaches rhythm, memory of notes, knowing what sounds different instruments make as well as the basics of music reading (where one note is wrong and you have to work out quick one).
And she continues to enjoy her collage work. She knows that when she sticks heavy things on she has to let it dry before she can do the other side.
This was the other side done a couple of days later.
She had been talking about making one for each of us and so we asked her what we should use them for. Eventually we came up with the idea of Rachel keeping bottle tops in it. Rachel needs to collect bottle tops for Brownies and has found a few sources over the last week. So they are no longer just being kept in a packet but have a special bottle - lovingly made by Ruth.

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