Saturday, July 31, 2010

A week of puzzles

Ruth amazed me on Sunday when she started on the 221 piece I found in our library. Eventually she had to move to the glass door so that she could actually see the slight differences in the colours.

But up till then she just flew through it. She would spot a piece that had the tiniest bit of an animal on it and say "oh - this goes here".
It's just incredible to watch her.
Well done Ruth. Your biggest puzzle yet.
Then through the week she got started on Rachel's Egyptian 96 piece puzzle book. She had built this one before but struggled a little with building the puzzle in the book - over the smaller picture. So she enjoyed building it again on a board next to the picture.
This Saturday - in a desire to give her something challenging to do (and something that lasts a little longer) I pulled out the 1,500 piece dog puzzle that Nana had given us years ago. We have never built it and I asked Ruth if she wanted to build it with me. She is very keen to get it done. We have said we will frame it when it is finished. Rachel and I help sort through the pieces and within no time she had the border coming together nicely. I am not sure if she will stick it out. It's huge. But it will be amazing if she can perhaps get it build within the next few months.

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