Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1,500 done and other stuff

Ruth completed her 1,500 piece puzzle today.
This is a video of the progress over the last 25 days. I took a photo almost every day. She did about 60 pieces a day. She only had about 30 to do today - so it did not take her long to get some more puzzles out.
A picture of the finished puzzle. I look forward to getting it framed for her room.

And just so you know she does not just build puzzles - here she is with Rachel "blowing dye".
She struggled to blow on her own so I ended up holding the end of the straw and moving it around for her. You can see the effort it took. I thought afterwards that I should have cut a shorter piece of straw for her to use. We will have to try it again another day.
She really enjoyed seeing how the colours mixed.
Here she is on a 100 pieces. 30 pieces obviously is just not enough for one day.
And before Ballet she quickly got started on the round 100 piece. So much for thinking we would have a break from puzzles with the dog one finished. She ended up building at least 230 pieces today.

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