Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 days and 3 new puzzles

On Sunday we picked up some new puzzles and Ruth was so excited to see this one. She immediately said it was like the "I spy" book her correspondence teacher had sent her. 100 piece done.

Another 100 pieces. I was not sure if she would recognise the characters (I don't remember her watching Shrek at all) but she immediately told Rachel about the Alice band that someone had that had Shrek ears. I must have a look if the movie is in the toy library.

200 piece finished up today. She enjoyed looking for the different things in each room and talking about the birthday party that they were having.
So 400 pieces done in just 2 days. At least you know I was not forcing her to build that dog puzzle every day. She really is a little puzzle monster. :-)

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