Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lets Play School

Ruth wanted a break from Letterland and with her asking for a different computer game I remembered that our Barnie dvds have computer games on them. So she was excited to play "Let's Play School" today.

This first game is the hardest one - it's connect the dots (by number). I made her the card with numbers 1 - 10 so that she could see which one comes next. They also say the number as she clicks on it - so perhaps this will eventually help her to recognize numbers too. Once the picture has been completed it gets automatically coloured in and moves. So it's great fun for her.
She had been playing this memory game with us but I think playing it on the computer will help her get the idea of it better. And they start really simply too which is nice.
Making patterns. She has made coloured patterns with toys with me before but it was harder only having the pattern shown once. She quickly got the hang of it though.
And children always enjoy colouring in. Even if it's on a computer. :-)
Practice counting. As she picks the crayons up Baby Bop counts and the number appears on the box. So reinforcing the written number and counting.

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