Friday, February 5, 2010

A day from long ago

Playing on the dinosaur slide before everyone arrived. I was getting my camera on and so asked her to wait - you can see she was already on her way down and had to use her legs to keep her up. When Rachel told Nana about today Ruth made sure to mention the dinosaur. :-)
So our morning was spent at a History Museum. They have a little town done up and the girls had a great time.
Trust Ruth to find the musical instrument in the shop.
Ruth had a turn the butter churn.
After the shop and bakery they got to see what housework was like in the old days. She enjoyed scrubbing this desk. She has a look on her face as it to say "what's the problem - you just scrub".
She also wanted to do some washing.
A lovely old water pump in the street. Ruth had a go too (I just did not get a photo).
Every evening Ruth wants to do some "Maths" before bed. When she worked on these before she got stuck on this one. So we played a game (below) where I hid some of the animal shape. She could still easily guess what it was and so when she came back to the shapes she could do it really quickly.
She brought her chair over and felt like she was having "school".
The next one she did. I love the way she uses the same colour if she can.

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