Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Build and boogie

It did not take Ruth long this morning to get back to her new games. I got some nice zip lock bags for all the different things (in front of the bag next to her) which helps keep all the pieces together of each game (and helps to show Hannah to play with one thing at a time and then pack up). Ruth asked me to time her this morning with building the parrot and I was amazed that she did it in just over 1 min (75seconds). It's fun to watch her working out different ways of building it - not sticking to the same order for the pieces.
One of the things I did not mention yesterday was the music cd we got too. Ruth has now learnt how to get the cd playing again as she listens to it over and over. She is already singing along to all the songs and dancing and doing actions where she can.
So creative with these shapes. Well done Ruth. This is her worm or snake.

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