Monday, February 8, 2010

Correspondence School Started

Ruth was so excited when she saw that a bag had arrived in the post today from the Correspondence School. I was so pleased to see we don't even have to pay for the return postage when we are done with the bag.
Within in no time she was busy with the puzzle. She has not had much experience with ones like these - so it took her a little while to work it out the first time. We had to direct her a little on the first one by saying things like "try put the beak in, now put the eye" ect.

As soon as I got all the little dots cut out she was placing them on the butterfly. She got a bit frustrated with the ball puzzle as the frame kept moving. I held that still for her and she quickly worked out how to get all the others in. With the colours all together too - you can see how on the left she has split the reds. We told her that was fine (her big sister had pointed it out and said it was wrong). But we explained that there was not right and wrong with this puzzle. It was for experimenting and trying different things. It's great that these games are now ours and she can often come back to them and try different things.
Hannah and Ruth checking out the books that came with the pack too.
Then the family had a game with the butterfly. Throwing the dice and then putting that coloured spot onto the butterfly. Hannah does not know the names for black or white but was also able to match them up nicely. It's not a struggle for Ruth at all, but she is more likely to make a mistake with the colour name. I think often it's because she does not look properly. Once she looks and things about it she always gets it right. :-)
It was great to see her understand the idea of just doing different things with these shapes.
While playing around she put them together like this and I told her they looked like cat's eyes.
And hour later she was playing with them again and this time decided to match up the colours.
She has already had so much fun with all the new games (and she only started at 4pm).

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