Monday, April 12, 2010

What animals eat - Part 2

What do dogs eat? Do puppies eat the same as grown dogs?
Ruth has seen lambs drinking off their mother and remembers Rachel giving milk to the lamb she looked after. So once she thought about that she could guess that puppies would drink milk too. She enjoyed colouring the puppies in different colours.
Lovely pictures of the mice and birds that our cats catch and eat.

I was going to find clip art to print and let Ruth colour in but was having endless trouble with Word and so decided to rather look for photos. I am glad I did as we had lovely ones and it helped Ruth remember.
I was surprised to see how many photos we actually had from our holiday. Ruth had fun sorting them into groups. I had to look up the Takahe on-line to see what it ate but Ruth and I also had fun looking at all the other photos on the on-line encyclopedia. We also read about mussels and I guessed they were omnivores as plankton is made from microscopic plants and animals - but was not sure if they were classified in these groups. But it was great to see such a big mussel - just slightly open for us to see the creature inside.
The extra two pages we filled with family photos. Ruth did a great job of sorting them into their groups.

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