Monday, April 26, 2010

Autumn crafts

Last week we started collecting items from the garden for our Autumn crafts. The girls were so excited to start with something, so we got busy on the acorn cups. The coloured them in and I put clear drying glue in each one.
The next day we made pretty bangles out of them and the girls were so impressed with their creations.
That kept them busy while our leaves dried in the flower press. A couple of days later we got the leaves out and the girls made place mats.
Ruth's first design of just filling the page with different colours was by far the most popular and so Rachel, Ruth and I made another one each with in that style so we could have a set of 6. The girls were so excited about using them that night at dinner.
This week we got busy on our joint project. First we drew white wispy clouds with white crayon and then we painted over that with blue.
Using the girls fingers (biggest to smallest) to create our branches.
And then sticking on the leaves. First the green one, then the yellow one with leaves starting to fall.
And then the red one with most of the leaves on the ground. We are all thrilled with the results.

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