Thursday, April 1, 2010

What animals Eat - Part 1

Today Ruth started on her Correspondence School work about What Animals Eat. This is the book that she is going to make.
She has really enjoyed talking about it all and drawing and writing in her book.
The first page about what animals we have at home. I drew the shape of the cow's head to help her and I also did some tiny dots as a guide for the side of the chook's body (after she had done the head on her own). She did the cat completely on her own. I was really impressed with what she did. She also enjoys writing over the dots that I do for the numbers and words.
Then we looked at what these animals eat. Her cat food packet ended up turning into a cat I think - so that one was not too successful. She is having so much fun having her own "school work" and it's surprising to realize how much she already knows.

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