Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My last brownie badge

I had to do four things to get my last brownie patch. One of the things I had to do was was a dog. I had a lot of fun. :)
After I washed the dog I was able to play with the water. I had fun wetting Dad, he was good at getting the hose out of my hands. He did not get very wet but I still wet Hannah and Hezekiah.
Another fun thing I did was that I had to do was make music out of glass and water. I filled up wine glasses with water, then put my finger on top and took it round the top. It made a really pretty tingly sound. We found it interesting because the second to the left glass is a different shape, so it made a different sound. Hannah had fun doing it with me to.
What I found the funnest was making a tower out of ice. I tried just stacking ice but it was to slippery so I gave up. One day Mum asked if I had done it and I told her it was to hard. I said it was to slippery. She got me to think through it and I figured out you need moisture to get it to stick. So I wet the cubes and it was not that hard. My highest tower was with 13 pieces of ice.( This one is a tower of 9)

The last thing I did I don't have a picture for. I had to do a good turn.(Something you do without been asked by the person) I had to look after a neighbors chickens. My good turn was watering her plants so I did that for 3 days and I watered my dads plants for 4 days. I enjoyed watering the plants it made me feel responsible and smart.

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