Friday, May 6, 2011

My body

 Ruth really enjoyed making an outline of her body and then labeling it. She wanted to write each word herself so I wrote on a scrap paper and she copied each word.
It was lovely to see how many names Ruth knew. We only put on what she could remember. When we spoke about ankles she told me that her ankle is what allows her to move her foot to walk. She then went through all the other joints in her body (including her spine) and told me how they helped her to move.
 She always enjoys painting but does not get to do it often. The paints that I mix always end up going mouldy but today I found some old finger paint that was now so runny that it worked really well with a brush.

We also had fun drawing the head outline of everyone else in the family to see how we all compare. Dad only just managed to fit on the paper.

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