Tuesday, March 30, 2010

JumpStart Preschool

Ruth is really enjoying this computer programme.
I can already see how these simple counting games have helped her counting. She is getting really good.
She is even starting to recognize the numbers with this game. They do say the number but she is able to at least recognize some of them before the number is even said.
Extra practice in recognizing the numbers in order and the letters too.
The memory game is also more advanced than on the Barnie DVD - so that's nice to get her mind that extra stimulation.
She quickly jumped to level 3 with letter recognition.
Colour by shape or number or letter is always fun.
Songs with the words highlighted as they sing.
Hide and seek where clues are given and you have to work out where the fish is hiding. This clue was "I rhyme with sock".
Odd one out. Great for showing the difference between letters.
And Ruth will always enjoys some puzzles.
I like how in this one she gets to see how two smaller different shapes together make the big one.

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